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Abundance and Gratitude

I practice active gratitude on a daily basis for at least 15 years and this has dramatically changed the way I handle things in my life. I’m am overflowing with abundance in my life - and that doesn’t have to mean financially. I got to spend time with people I truly love today. I got to eat a delicious meal while in a warm and cozy house. I watched the sun go down tonight and was blessed to witness the gorgeous hues of the sky. I got to cuddle with my children and my fur babies as well as my husband. And now I get to crawl into a warm comfy bed and rest. Now THAT is true abundance. It’s not about the “stuff” you have or the dollars in your wallet. It’s about love and taking the time to witness the miracles of every single day. I truly wish for all of you reading this to know what that feels like.  

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