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Learning to Fly

(Yes, the title of this blog post is in honor of Tom Petty ~ another great artist gone too soon).

Bakasana (aka Crow Pose or Crane Pose) has eluded me throughout my 20 years of yoga practice. Arm balances are scary to me. I've never trusted my hands or arms to be able to lift me or hold me. I've always said, "I have no upper body strength." I've learned over the last few months that this fear is due to my lack of feeling safe and protected in life. It is childhood fear and pain that is housed in my root chakra. The root chakra is where we feel secure, grounded and safe. I know, in my head, that I am safe but my body tells me a different story.

In order to help myself heal, I have been working diligently with a consistent yoga and meditation practice, cleansing my chakras, and working with my Ayurvedic doctor. Little by little, things are clearing. As my doctor tells me, my pain and scars live deep in my tissues and it takes time to move them out of the tissue and out of my system. But I see it working. I am able to settle deeply into meditation more frequently. I learning to listen to my body and work WITH it rather than against it. I taking really good care of myself. I am learning to truly love the vessel that is my body - even if it isn't the "ideal" seen in the media.

And lo and behold, Bakasana is becoming I pose I can do. My form may not be "perfect". I may not be able to hold it for very long. But look...look at that photo! BOTH of my feet are off the ground and my arms are supporting me! This is HUGE!!! This is the power of a yogic lifestyle in action.

So take those small steps. Take them each and every day. You will see change. You will see yourself shift in ways you never thought possible. I promise, you won't regret it.

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