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25 Fast Facts About Me

1. I am 43 years old - I've been forgetting how old I am since I hit about 36. I have to do the math to figure it out.

2. I have been a yogi for at least 20 years but I went through breaks where I didn't practice much. I would get into other things like kickboxing or dance or jogging. But I always ended up back to yoga.

3. I was born and raised in Minneapolis and now live in the suburbs east of St. Paul.

4. I have two daughters, Abi and Maija and two stepsons, Tyler and Nathan. Tyler got married this past summer to Ashlei so I have a daughter in law now as well.

5. I didn't get my driver's license until I was a few days away from turning 22 and HAD to get it so that I could drive a car to my summer internship. Driving a car wasn't necessary when you lived in Minneapolis and had easy access to the bus system.

6. My first car was a stick shift so I learned how to drive the hard way and am grateful for it.

7. I am horrible at parallel parking. When I took the driver's test, I just told them to give me a zero for that skill because it wasn't gonna happen. I still passed the test.

8. My first pet was a calico cat named Friskey. I got her when I was 9 and she lived for 21 years. She was my best friend. My family still talks about her with such high regard.

9. I haven't traveled around the world (yet) but based on what I have seen so far, my favorite place on earth is Grand Marais, MN.

10. The only good thing I can say about winter is that there are no bees or wasps around.

11. I'm very allergic to bees and wasps.

12. I'm scared of snakes and spiders. They can live their lives happily but I need them to do that as far away from me as possible.

13. I am a total plant geek and owned a garden store with my brother at one time. I still do garden design work for folks once in awhile.

14. My 9-5 job is with the Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization. It is a government agency that manages the water resources within a 25 square mile area in the northeast suburbs.

15. My big brother and I had to share a small bedroom for 13 years and I think it provided us with the opportunity to have a very unique relationship to this day. When you share a small space with someone for that many years, there is an unspoken language and understanding that develops.

16. My brother had his first 2 kids before I did and it is because of those two girls that I knew I wanted to be a mother as well. It's very cliche but I never knew love like that until I held those babies in my arms. To this day, I love them as much as I love my own kids.

17. Tragically, my brother's 2nd child, Devon Renae Jenson, passed away at the age of 3 due to complications from a heart defect. Her life transformed me and I am committed to sharing her story and legacy with everyone.

18. I have always wanted to have a hobby farm and spend my days taking care of a vegetable garden and gathering eggs, hanging out with some farm dogs and cats, perhaps taking care of some sheep or goats. My husband would love that life as well. I still think we are going to make it happen one day.

19. My dream vacation is to go to Africa and see a cheetah in the wild.

20. I had a that dream vacation booked in 2001 but then got pregnant with my older daughter. Turned out that getting pregnant was pretty fortuitous. We would have been trying to get home on the day of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. We would have been flying from Tanzania to Amsterdam and then heading to NYC.

21. I have always been a writer but I let it fall to the side because it seemed like a frivolous way to spend my time. I don't feel that way anymore.

22. I have an addiction to Diet Pepsi that I have tried to kick multiple times. I'm currently down to just one can per day so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

23. I love french fries and chocolate - although not at the same time.

24. I am very particular about what I eat (despite what you may think after reading #23). I'm generally quite picky but I also follow specific food guidelines for my health. So please don't ever be offended if I don't eat something you have made. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with my weird food issues.

25. I swear a lot but I'm trying to tame that part of me. It doesn't look good when I drop an f-bomb while in the middle of teaching a vinyasa class. :)

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