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How I've changed in 2017

I graduated from Yoga Teacher Training at the end of September. And while I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and have been teaching others for a year, I can now officially say I am a RYT-200 yoga teacher. I know for certain that I will always be learning and growing as a yoga practitioner and teacher. The journey thus far has been monumental.

As part of our graduation today, we were handed a piece of paper with "A comparison of myself from one year ago to today. What have I learned, how I have changed, what I have gained..." Our facilitator, Jennifer Davis, then gave us 5 minutes to write and then we shared our reflections with the others. Here's what I wrote:

"When I started Yoga Study, I felt separate from the others in my group. I was excited to learn but wasn't sure if I would be able to let these people "in". I had no idea how much I would like each and every one of my fellow classmates (as well as those I met from other Yoga Study groups), nor did I imagine connecting with them and my teachers as much as I have.

It has been a revelation to be among other yogis like this. I've been able to open up areas that I didn't even know existed. I had no inkling that I would be starting a jewelry business or seriously considering a full-time teaching career. I thought I'd get my training and just teach on the side for fun. Instead, I'm looking to completely change my path in life and I feel energized and inspired in a way I haven't been in a long time. Finding your tripe opens you up in miraculous ways."

I am someone who has always craved security in life. I wanted a steady job with benefits and to know that I would be able to rely on a consistent paycheck. I felt my world could fall apart if I let go of a life I worked so hard to establish. Now don't get me wrong - I am beyond blessed that this "steady job" I've had the last 10 years has allowed me to work on things that truly matter to me and help our lakes, streams, and wetlands. I have had the pleasure of working for a wonderful boss who has been supportive and caring over all these years. If you had asked me 18 months ago what I saw for my career over the next 5 years, I would have a completely different answer than I do right now. This year has resulted in huge shifts within and opened up a creative side of myself that has been lying dormant for a number of years. I don't want it to go into hibernation again. I quitting my steady job and leaping into the unknown? Not yet. Instead, I find myself working 100 hours a week as I pursue my dreams in the hours outside of my regular gig. I have no idea what the future will hold. But I do know that I will not silence the voice that has awakened inside. The voice telling me to spread my wings, to be weird, to take some chances, to not be afraid to fail. As far as I know, I've got one chance at this life so I'm going to listen to that voice and see where it takes me. The universe will provide.

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