Getting to know me...

Name: Kristine or Kris - I answer to both :)

Sun Sign: Gemini

Hometown: Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN

Favorite Word: Bliss

Least Favorite Word: Can't

Greatest Fear: Someone or something hurting those I love

Greatest Love: My family - they are my everything

Greatest Extravagance: Travel - and I don't do much but I never regret it when I get to travel somewhere

Where/how do I find peace: Meditating by the water

I am known for being: a perfectionist, hard-worker, and loyal and loving person

Favorite Pose: This is hard to choose! I love hip-opening poses such as pigeon, garland, and cobbler but I also love a good back stretch.

Favorite Music to Practice to: I take pride in my playlist. I listen to a variety of music but lean to artists who write and perform their own music. Lyrics are a very important consideration with my choices.

Favorite Place to Go: Grand Marais, MN is my peaceful place. I love the North Shore of Minnesota.

Favorite Color: Blue


What are my goals as a yoga teacher? To be welcoming to all in my classes and to make yoga accessible to everyone. I have worked with many people who haven't tried yoga before or who feel like they "can't" do yoga. I love working with them to develop a practice that works for them. I tell those I teach to release judgment on themselves and tune into their body. Compassion and gratitude are common themes in my classes.

How long have I practiced yoga? I first began practicing yoga at about age 20. I practiced off and on over 20 years but then found a real calling to devote myself to the study and practice consistently which led me to finally receiving my Yoga Teacher Certification in 2017.

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