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Getting to know me...

Name: Kristine or Kris - I answer to both :)

Sun Sign: Gemini

Hometown: Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN

Favorite Word: Bliss

Least Favorite Word: Can't

Greatest Fear: Someone or something hurting those I love

Greatest Love: My family - they are my everything. I have my wonderful husband Jeff, two daughters - Abi (19) and Maija (15), a niece who is like a daughter to me - Drew (23), 2 Sheltie dogs - Reese (12) and Sam (1), and a Ragdoll - Maine Coon cat - Rory (1). I also have two stepsons - Tyler and Nate, a daughter in law - Ashlei, and a granddaughter - Delaney (born August 2020)

Greatest Extravagance: Travel - and I don't do much but I never regret it when I get to travel somewhere

Where/how do I find peace: Meditating by the water

I am known for being: a perfectionist, hard-worker, and loyal and loving person

Favorite Pose: This is hard to choose! I love hip-opening poses such as pigeon, garland, and cobbler but I also love a good back stretch.

Favorite Music to Practice to: I take pride in my playlist. I listen to a variety of music but lean to artists who write and perform their own music. Lyrics are a very important consideration with my choices.

Favorite Place to Go: Grand Marais, MN is my peaceful place. I love the North Shore of Minnesota.

Favorite Color: Blue


What are my goals as a yoga teacher? To be welcoming to all in my classes and to make yoga accessible to everyone. I have worked with many people who haven't tried yoga before or who feel like they "can't" do yoga. I love working with them to develop a practice that works for them. I tell those I teach to release judgment on themselves and tune into their body. Compassion and gratitude are common themes in my classes.

How long have I practiced yoga? I first began practicing yoga at about age 20. I practiced off and on over 20 years but then found a real calling to devote myself to the study and practice consistently which led me to finally receiving my Yoga Teacher Certification in 2017. I earned my certification from The Yoga Center in Minneapolis, MN and was very lucky to learn under teachers that have now become mentors and friends, including Jessica Rosenberg, Colleen Elwood, Tara Cindy Sherman, and Jenn Davis. The lineage and tradition I am most aligned with comes from Krishnamacharya who is known as the "father of vinyasa yoga". He understood the importance of connecting breath to movement and also approached each student as an individual with their own unique beliefs and capacities. I appreciate any teacher who does not require a student to abide by their dogma, who allows a student to explore and learn from others to create a style and practice that is uniquely theirs. And as a yoga teacher, I approach my classes that way - allowing students to be in charge of taking what I offer and molding it into what fits their body, mind, and spirit of the day.

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