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Hello friends! I am taking the summer off from teaching live classes so that I can reset and recalibrate. It is funny how often I hear that yoga teachers rarely practice for themselves but I can totally relate to that. We give so much to our classes and then don't do anything for ourselves. So, with that said, you won't see any classes schedules from me for now but you can practice with me through my video offerings below. You can buy or rent the videos and practice at your leisure. I will produce more content as well so keep your eyes open for that. If you want to get a email when a new video is available or when I have an update to my teaching schedule, send me your email address to

Learn more about me and what to expect in my classes.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a guide in the yoga journey for others. I honor the teachers who have come before me, who I have learned from and who I continue to learn from. I am influenced mainly by Krishnamacharya's teaching and approach to yoga. He is often called the "father of modern yoga" and the architect of vinyasa yoga - connecting breath to movement. Krishnamacharya respected each person's unique bodies and beliefs rather than forcing his dogma onto anyone. He felt a teacher must approach each student with the knowledge that they can be taught to their individual capacity and to honor that. 

I also honor and acknowledge the sacred land we live on - knowing that is NOT our land. The land where my home and studio resides is the stolen and colonized land of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (The People of the Seven Council Fires), and the ancestral land of the Wahpekute. The treaties with the native people of this area, as in most areas, were not upheld. I show my reverence and gratitude to these people by tending to this land with great care and compassion.

With abundant gratitude,


Now you can practice with me at your convenience! Rent or purchase videos so you can get on your mat at a time that works for you.

More videos will be added in the near future! :)

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Giving Back ~ Devon's Legacy


In addition to being a yoga teacher, I am also a jewelry designer, creating handmade bracelets and necklaces using natural stone. Head over to the JNJ website to learn more!


10% of the profits from Jenson Natural Jewelry is donated

to the Heart Program at Children's Hospital of MN in memory of my beloved niece Devon Jenson. In addition, I donate to many other local non-profits and charities.

In 2020, over $3,000 was donated through Jenson Natural Jewelry. When you make a purchase, you are helping spread the legacy of Devon.


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